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GP Services|全科医生服务

Health Screening Packages                     健康检查配套

Acute Illness Treatment                            急性疾病治疗

Chronic Disease Management                慢性疾病管理

Vaccination for Adult and Children         成年⼈与⼉童疫苗

Travel Medicine                                          旅⾏备药

Minor Surgery                                             小型外科⼿术

Medical Examination for                           个⼈体检 : 
   Foreign Domestic Worker                       ⼥佣准证
   New and Renewal Work Permit             申请/更新⼯作准证
   Driving License                                         驾驶执照
   Pre-employment                                      就业前体检

Healthscreening Pakage

Basic Packaghe - S$ 73.44
Executive Package - S$ 138.24 

Comprehensive Package - S$ 235.44

*All price including GST | 价格包括 GST  

COVID-19 Relevant Test|新冠病毒检测

PCR test|核酸检测 - S$ 77.76 
Express PCR (4-6hrs)|加急核酸检测 (4-6小时) - S$ 259.2

ART test|快速抗原检测 -

         - S$ 24.84 (Pre-Event Test/Remote ART test));

         - S$37.8 (Pre-Departure Test, including the certificate and notarised QR code)

Turnover Time|周转时间
PCR test|核酸检测

- Report in 18 to 24 hours|预计18-24小时收到报告

Express PCR|加急核酸检测 (4-6小时)

- Report in 4 to 6 hours|预计4-6小时收到报告

ART test|快速抗原检测

- Report in 15 mins|预计15-30分钟收到报告

Making an Appointment|登记预约

Clementi | 金文泰 :

Tel | 电话: +65 - 62503198;  Whatsapp: +65-89504526​;

Email | 电子邮件:

Yishun | 义顺:   

Tel | 电话: +65 - 69709691;  Whatsapp: +65-88562728​;

Email | 电子邮件:

A confirmation message will be sent out via email.

Please arrive punctually for your swab test, which will take 10-15min; Alternatively,  you can walk in during our operating hours for the relavent test. 

预约成功后, 您将会收到确认邮件,请准时到达.

整个过程需要大约15分钟; 您也可以在我们营业时间直接来检测  

Documents to bring for Appointment|需要携带的文件
1. Identity card and passport* ( *for pre-departure swab only) |身份证和护照*(*适用于出国前检测)
2. Soft copy booking reference showing your departure flight timing*(*for pre-departure swab only)|出发航班信息*(*适用于出国前检测)

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